Leon Ricket is a middle-schooler that attends Greg Heffley's middle school. He is in detention a lot for his very dumb decisions. He is also in Greg Heffley's homeroom in

The Last Straw.


Leon Ricket has a history with detentions. Once, during a detention with Greg, he flicked Greg's ear and, eventually, when Greg got tired of it and clapped loudly to make it sound like Leon had hit him, Mr. Ray (the detention moderator at that time) was forced to give Leon another detention the next day and thirty more minutes of detention that day.


Leon is "not the brightest kid in our (Greg's) school," says Greg Heffley in his journal. Leon's main problem is his dumb decisions. For example, when a wasp landed on the window in Greg's homeroom class, he smashed the wasp (and the glass) with his chair. He is also a bully, as he was bugging Greg during detention. He is a heavy-set, large person who had a short crew cut in The Last Straw.


  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw