Darren Walsh

Darren Walsh chasing kids with Cheese Touch

Darren Walsh is a middle-schooler that attends the same school as Greg Heffley.

The Cheese TouchEdit

Darren's biggest claim to fame is starting the Cheese Touch, which is similar to real-world "cooties." When a piece of cheese fell out of a lunchbox, landed on the blacktop and got moldy, Darren touched it with his finger. This started the Cheese Touch.

Description and PersonalityEdit

Darren is obviously a nasty person, as he was willing to touch moldy cheese. Darren also was a cruel person by chasing younger, innocent children around with the cheese touch, as seen in the picture above. He has a big nose and craggy teeth, like many of the characters illustrated in the series.

In the MovieEdit

Harrison Houde protrayed Darren Walsh in the first movie.